Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where, Oh Where, Has That Peculiar Lady Gone?

Most recently, she went to Chicago! Well, not exactly Chicago ... we all went to the northern suburbs of Chicago, specifically the Great Lakes/Waukegan/Gurnee areas. Why, oh why would we go? To see JP graduate from Navy Basic Training, of course! Yes, that's right folks, we are now officially the proud parents of a U.S. Sailor!

Our trip was absolutely WONDERFUL. Mr. B flew in from North Dakota (ya know, he still works up that way), AB and BT flew in from North Carolina and New Jersey, and the little ones and I drove up with my dad (aka, Grandpa). The weather was free from snow and ice so everyone arrived and departed without delays.

I also want to send out a warm THANK YOU to all the citizens of the Chicago area. Southern hospitality has nothing on you guys! Everywhere we went, folks held doors open for us, they said thank you, please and literally went out of their way to be polite and courteous. I was overwhelmingly impressed!

(by the way, I FINALLY figured out how to download photos onto my blog using this silly old laptop - HOORAY!) back row, LtoR: AB, me (Mrs.B), our Sailor, JP, Mr. B / front row, LtoR: EJ, OG and BT
JP moments after we found him amid 1,500 other boot camp graduates.

Recruit Training Navy Marching Band

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  1. What a proud Mom you must be and with great reasons!

    ~Mrs. M


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