Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chicago's LegoLand Discovery Center ...

While in Chicago, we also visited LegoLand Discovery Center. This place was absolutely amazing! Below are photos of Downtown Chicago made completely out of legos. As a child, AB was a total lego maniac - the discovery center was a real special treat for our family.

While waiting in the entrance line to LegoLand, a gentleman approached JP and said, "Thank you", while handing him 5 entrance tickets, a value of $85! JP responded, "Wow! thanks!" The gentleman replied, "No, thank you" and walked on into LegoLand with his family. Later that day, while EJ and OG were riding on a flying helicopter, Grandpa spotted the gentleman and again thanked him for his generosity. The gentleman asked if JP was his son, to which my dad explained that he was his grandson & that AB is a U.S. Air Force veteran. The gentleman told my dad that he just wanted JP and our family to know that he appreciates our service and sacrifice. He told my dad that many folks today seem to take our active and reserve military personnel and veterans for granted, but he doesn't. The gentleman asked my dad to again thank JP for his service to our nation.

The whole situation has touched me so deeply. This gentleman is the first stranger I've encountered who has expressed his appreciation for our nation's military personnel. This man will never know how much his words, of "Thank you" means to my family.

Aren't these Lego models fantastic?


  1. My kids would have LOVED that. We went to Disney world many years ago and they have a Lego place there, with huge things built out of them. It was the high light of Disney for them!


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