Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mom's Brag Book

The high school graduation announcements have been arriving in the mail.  We are excited and proud of all the 2016 graduates.

The B house doesn't have any graduates this year, but we are just as proud of our youngin's.  I mentioned in an earlier post that baseball and spring rodeo season had begun.  I've remembered to take my camera to some of the recent outings and here's a few photos of Songbird and Farmer Boy.

Although not the fastest in the arena, Songbird continues to enjoy barrel racing.  In each competition, her times improve by a few hundredth seconds.  Consistent improvement paves the way to the winner's circle.

This spring Songbird decided eliminate pole bending and add girls goat tying to her rodeo competitions.

She will be practicing with our goats in our pasture throughout the summer and hopes to give the current winner's circle leader a run for her money next fall.

Since her tenure as a Montana 4-H State Ambassador will come to an end in July, Songbird decided to serve as District 1's 2016-2017 High School Rodeo Event Director for pole bending and goat tying. Service is a cornerstone of 4-H and it pleases me to see that Songbird is carrying those service values into other areas of her life.

My favorite season, baseball season, is in full swing and Farmer Boy continues to be an excellent athlete.

This season his coach decided to play Farmer Boy at home plate.  He is always very engaged in the game and loves the catcher's position.  He's one of the best in the league.

Last week he hit the ball out of the park!  Not only did he score a home run but also gave his team 2 RBI's.

As he took his jog around the bases his big smile says it all.

This spring rodeo season found Farmer Boy participating in Jr. Boys' flag racing, break-away roping and goat tying.

After a few weeks of over shooting the 1st barrel on Songbird's Quatro in the flag race, Farmer Boy seems to have finally got the timing down and had a perfect run in Forsyth last week.

Although Farmer Boy missed this calf, I got a terrific photo!  Upon review of this photograph, Farmer Boy recognized that he need to drop 1-2 more coils off his rope for this throw.

I couldn't resist the above photo.  If Farmer Boy had not tripped during his dismount, he would have taken 1st in goat tying last week.  But we are still proud as he won 2nd, even with a face plant in the mud.

Three weeks ago Farmer Boy not only won the goat tying event in Jordan, MT, but also set an arena record for his age group on Saturday and then broke his own record on Sunday.   His prize was this lovely set of spurs.  Last week in Forsyth, MT, he won 2nd in goat tying and took home a paycheck covering 1/2 his entry fees.

Well, that's all for this brag session.  What have all your youngin's been up to?  I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Congratulations to your son on his big win! Very impressive! I also love that your daughter is cutting more time off her won't be long now until she is at the top also. :)

  2. Oh My Goodness! I am so incredibly proud of those two. They are excelling in all that they do. They are going places for sure! You are doing such a great job of bringing them up. Be Very PROUD Mom! VERY!!!

    I miss you very much and I am looking forward to things to start slowing down on my end so that we can talk more. But for now, I am glad you had a moment to post so that we can all keep up.

    Much Love,
    Mrs. A

    1. My dearest sister, both our lives have been so excessively busy these past few weeks I am literally having withdrawals from our phone time.

      You also have plenty to be proud of. Your youngest is going off to college in a couple months, your middle daughter getting married next summer, and your oldest two serving our nation in the Air Force and Navy ... that's quite a lot to be proud of, Mama.

      I love you and miss you,

  3. Great job to both of your kids, Mrs. B! I enjoyed seeing all the photos. :)


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