Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Are You a Binge Blogger Too?

Yep, that's what my dearest friend, Mrs.A, says.  After reviewing my past blogging history, I shamefully agree.  I love blogging and writing and wish I were more consistent.  But alas, I often find many other tasks competitively racing to the top of my priority list. 
Now that I've admitted to being " binge blogger", I am going to overwhelm my audience with 3 posts today. 
First up ...

Songbird recently performed a duet at a neighboring church.  (I didn't include a photo of her partner because I don't have permission to do so).  They sang "The Revelation Song" and was so well received by the congregation we are expecting more requests.  They harmonize so well together, Songbird is eager to work with her on additional projects.
I recently received a "blessing" package from my dear friend Mrs.A.  Pictured above and below are a couple of the treasures found within.  Above:  cotton crocheted dish cloths ... this type of dish cloth is my all time favorite!  And the colors are PERFECT for my kitchen décor.
Also tucked inside that "blessing" box were additional pieces to add to my Colonial Homestead dinnerware set.  Yes, she sent me some for my b-day last summer but recently found even more to add to my collection.
The 2nd post of the day is only moments away ...


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you BINGE! LOL I get so excited because I feel like every post is a personal letter telling me all about how your days are spent. It's like getting mail from you in my mailbox. It warms my heart!

    So happy to see that you are enjoying your "made / bought with love" box goodies.

    With much much love,
    Mrs. A

  2. Dearest Mrs.A,

    I am so glad to hear that you don't mind the "binge blogging". I'd personally prefer to write a little on a daily or weekly basis. However, I am in a busy season of life right now ... I am certain that someday writing and blogging on a more regular basis will happen ... but not today, or next week or even next month - ha!


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