Saturday, December 27, 2014

Catching Up - Part 3

During my time away from blogging I also created some inexpensive nesting boxes for our rabbit hutches.  The nesting boxes allow the rabbits to get off the wire and provides a warm enclosure now that our temperatures are beginning to drop.
I used 3 gallon plastic buckets with lids and used a small hack saw to cut the lid in half.  The opening is large enough for the rabbit to get into the bucket and the half lid is tall enough to keep the straw bedding contained inside the bucket.

Rabbits like to chew on everything, including their buckets.  We've since tied some mineral wheels next to the feeders and waterers which has eliminated the chewing on the plastic bucket.

Another new addition to the farm is this pretty little bay roan mare.  We have her bred to a very nice stud and her foal is due in April.  Since this photo, she's gained a couple hundred pounds and is doing very well.

After much consideration and an out of town conference, we decided the timing was right for us to invest in the largest addition to the farm.  We added 17 goats and are currently in the breeding process.  We are hoping for 25 kids this coming spring.  The goats have playful personalities and are lots of fun.

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