Friday, December 26, 2014

Catching Up - Part 1

WOW !!  Today marks exactly 10 weeks since my last post.  Not only was my computer in the shop during part of my time away from blogging, but life simply became too busy to keep up.
I pray you and yours have been enjoying a most blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Although I've been facing some personal challenges, life has been ticking away, much too fast, out here on the B farm.
Since my last contact with you all we've experienced:

 Farmer Boy's 13th birthday.  Here he is with his 2nd store bought birthday cake.  Our oven quit working and I was forced to purchase a pre-made one.  Most kiddos love the pretty decorations available on store bought cakes ... not this one.  He is still bemoaning that he "had" to have a store bought cake and he's the only one of his siblings who have had to "endure" this injustice - not once, but TWICE in his life !!  Poor little fellow ... these sorts of things always seem to happen to him - boo, hoo ...

Within five days of Farmer Boy's birthday our oven was repaired and Songbird celebrated her 16th birthday.  My, oh my, the years just seem to pass by too quickly.  It won't be long before my heart breaks as another one of my babies ventures out into the world to pursue a life apart from mom and dad.

Also since my last post, Mr.B took Farmer Boy and Songbird on an eight day hunting trip.  While they were gone, I looked after my little babysitting charge, ET, and kept up on farm chores.  In my very limited spare time I managed to put this pretty wall vignette together.  A few months ago I found the wooden ladder at a yard sale and the homemade antique hay hooks were found buried under a pile of rubbish while cleaning one of our barns.  I am not the best at home décor, but am satisfied with my efforts and the huge wall in our main entry is no longer blank and bland.

While Mr.B and the littles were hunting I chose to spend my evenings with my feet up relaxing and enjoying a few neglected crochet projects.  The relaxation and quiet were not only need but savored.  Eight days passed by far more quickly than I anticipated.  A "Catching Up - Part 2" is in the works and will be posted soon.

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  1. Sounds like you've had a very busy season. Happy birthday to your kiddos. We're losing our last of three this year. She's headed off to live in the States and attend Bible college and it's been hard. Anyhow, His grace is sufficient! You look nice and comfy in your pjs and crocheting! Glad you enjoyed your quiet time.


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