Monday, March 10, 2014

Water, Calf Sled, Ore

Each spring the snow melts, our seasonal creek flows, and the stock tanks fill up.  However, if we experience a rapid thaw we get this:
the pond is out of it's banks and draining across our driveway

This year our thaw has been very rapid.  A week ago our high temperature was -6.  Today our high is forecasted to reach 50.  Needless to say the rapid warm up has resulted in a rapid snow melt.  Our pond is over it's bank, our seasonal creek is over it's bank and our stock tanks are over their banks.  We seem to have water everywhere.

While Mr.B and I may look out and see big mess that will soon be an even bigger muddy mess, EJ looks out the window and sees an opportunity for fun.  Yep, a flood, a calf sled and an ore spells F-U-N for that country kid.

EJ enjoying his "boat" during spring thaw

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