Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!!

Although our temperatures are forecasted to be on the cool side (mid 20's) for the next couple days, all the newborns signal that spring is here.
OG received her lambs yesterday.  She's named the ewe Stevie Nicks and the ram Ringo.
Ready for a nap

Stretching out & bleating, "hello"

EJ has a dozen new sliver laced Wyandotte chicks.  He purchased these because he wanted a pure breed.  He will incubate a few eggs next month from his current cross-bred chickens.

Getting settled in to their new home.

"Chirp, Chirp"  Isn't it CUTE!
Over the next two weeks we will begin getting our garden ready for planting and starting our herb, vegetable & flower seeds.  Up here on the northern prairie we wait until after Mother's Day to plant.  I am getting very anxious and just thinking about the warm sunshine and green brings a smile to my face.
How are your spring gardening plans coming along?


WOW! the eggs on the left are twice a large as the regular ones!

Another sign of spring ... our mature hens have finally started to lay again.  As you can see in the photo, it appears a couple of them are attempting either an apology for the winter hiatus OR gratitude that they didn't end up in the stock pot.

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  1. WELLLLLLL...I am sitting here waiting for the sun to come out so that I can go and put my seeds in the ground. I got my Square Foot Garden all measured out and ready for planting yesterday. I even ended up with a "Farmer's sunburn". I am hoping and praying that we have had our last cold snap for the season.

    We are just about to have to start mowing the yard twice a week now. The "Littles" should be glad that they don't have to mow yet. LOL

    Much Love to ALL!!
    Mrs. A


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