Friday, July 5, 2013

"I Just Don't Understand How That Always Happens"

Those were JP's words last night while we were in Medora watching the July 4th fireworks display when I was suddenly drenched by a very forceful lawn sprinkler.  Yes, we were sitting on our blanket relaxing and enjoying the cool night air and the beautiful array of fireworks lighting up the clear night sky when I, and only I, was doused.
The night before we were enjoying the stars and fireflies while relaxing in our hot tub.  I became too warm and attempted to sit on the edge - as everyone else in our family does when they get too warm.  However, I suppose I plopped myself too far out and before I knew it my feet tumbled over my head and I crashed to the deck - pulling all the  muscles in the front side of my left shoulder. Excruciatingly painful.
Yes, I am a klutz and a Murphy's Law magnet. I am the one the bird poo drops on while picnicking, I'm the one who trips and falls for no apparent reason while walking down the sidewalk, I'm also the one who seems to always get a dribble of food or drink on my blouse when eating.   My family often shakes their heads wondering how all these "incidents", some harmless others injurious,  happen to me, and only me, in our family.  Yup, this week has left JP stating, yet again, "I just don't understand how that always happens".


  1. My dear friend please be careful! I would hate to see you try opening a window and then step on a boot and fall down so e stairs or something.

    Love you!!!


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