Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1st Road Trip of 2013

This past weekend OG and I took a little road trip out west for our district's Fine Arts Festival.  (Because we live WAY out in the country, round trip total was 824 miles).  It was exceptionally nice to spend some "mother/daughter" time together.  We did a little shopping, too much eating and she ministered beautifully.  Here's a few photos from the weekend:

OG eagerly awaiting her scheduled time slot.

OG was blessed to be personally acquainted with the sound tech, Mr.N.
 We hosted him and his family last fall while they visited our church.

Here she is accompanying herself on the acoustic guitar while
singing Third Day's "Love Song".  She was the only female
vocalist from the Jr. or Sr. division  who accompanied herself.
The judges commented on how much they LOVED that! 

Her scores were much better than last year.  She was upgraded
from "good" to "excellent".  Next year she hopes to close the
4 point gap to achieve "superior with invitation", which would
earn her a spot in the Nationals.

As always, the drive out west is beautiful.


  1. I can not believe how professional OG looks! She looks famous! Maybe someday she will be!!

    Love all of you BIG!!

    Mrs. A / Aunt C

  2. Way to go!! :)

    Hope to see you all soon!


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