Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Caffine, Anyone?

We do not like nor drink coffee.  Our sweet tea and hot teas are decaffeinated.  I consume only 1-2 colas per month.  We NEVER consume energy drinks, especially after learning that a close friend of Grandpa's survived a type of stroke directly linked to the consumption of energy drinks.

Although I do not like to indulge in caffeinated beverages, after updating my calendar this morning I can certainly understand why so many Americans simply can not make it through the day without their morning pot of coffee and afternoon 20oz. cola or large mugs of coffee. 

Mid March marks the beginning of our busy spring season.  Yesterday marked a considerable amount of time spent updating the household calendar.  It is quickly being filled with baseball & softball practices/games, 4-H meetings/events, music practice/completions, garden prep/planning, church activities/commitments AND driver's ed classes every weekday evening for the next 10 weeks.

Not only will I most likely find myself joining the majority of other Americans by consuming more caffeine loaded colas than I should, I also expect that blogging will be moved way down toward the bottom of the priority list.  I will check in and update when and if our schedule allows.  Most importantly, I will try to remember to carry a camera and snap some photos so that when I do find a few free moments in our schedule, I will be able to share our activities with you all.

Blessings to you and yours.

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  1. Australia is as much tea drinkers as coffee but not as much as USA although coffee shops abound.Many of my friends drink neither,in our home it is 2 at the very most goffee a day but it is how we start our day and then perhps one more in the winter but I know some that have many each day.We don't have softt drinks just water or soda water,but I see so many school children with energy drinks.it is scary.
    Hope you have a wonderful season,we are coming into winter soon but enjoying a beautiful Autumn at the moment ,Daffodils poking through and Crockus,lots i don't know until they open it is a lovely season almost as lovely as spring.Be safe in your many travels.


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