Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is a term I've often heard but never genuinely experienced ... until now.  I'm not suffering to any extreme, as some people have described their symptoms but I am anxious for warmer weather and green pastures.  About two weeks ago, Mother Nature teased us with an entire week of bright sunshine and warm 50 degree F. temperatures which melted all the snow and the frozen stock tanks and seasonal creek.  EJ and I witnessed a flock of geese returning home for spring.  That was just enough to "wet my appetite" for summer weather.  Last week Old Man Winter unleashed another round of snow and cold temperatures that are not really any colder than before our warm spell but, now, seem bitterly cold.  We are buried under 8" of white, haven't seen 20 degrees F. in days and it's snowing again today.

Since moving to the northern prairie, I've sincerely enjoyed the change of seasons.  The cold winter and snow has not yet become the inconvenience that it seems to be for so many others.  However, living all but 6 years of my life in the south, my internal seasonal clock is telling me that it's spring and my garden should be planted, I should be mowing green grass every Thursday, the sounds of window fans should be whirling in the background of all activity and the rain barrels should be filling up from the spring time rain showers that lull us to sleep as it falls on our roof at night.  My internal seasonal clock is telling me that all should smell fresh and new and my world should be bright with a full rainbow of colors. 

I keep telling myself that we have only a few more weeks until green buds appear on the trees and the pastures begin turning bright green.  Only a few more weeks until I'm soaking in a hot bath each evening to relieve my aches and pains from 12 hour days of hard manual labor planting our vegetable and herb gardens.  Only a few more weeks until we are dining "al fresco" and roasting hot dogs and smores' over campfires.  We also have a list of projects that are patiently waiting for warmer weather.  Last week's church sermon was on patience.  It seems the Lord has incorporated the assistance of  Mother Nature and Old Man Winter to further develop my patience.


  1. Good morning Mrs. B. I was going to reply to your email but it said it was a "non-reply"-able. I sometimes wish there was an chat/email like thing on blogs like on FB. I will look for a contact email as I've got news to share but am not ready to post about yet :)

    I didn't realize you lived so close to me. Montana is right next door and a place I have also lived....graduated high school and got married in Montana.

    Wishing we still had snow but it was a pleasant surprise to wake up to the whole ground covered in white last Friday. My Texas boys were totally shocked to have snow in March. I had already been telling them that we've had snow in May some years. They thought that once spring hit, instant warmth and shorts weather. I had to remind them they aren't in Texas any more LOL

    Have a blessed Holy Week.

  2. Hello Vickie,

    It is always such a pleasure to read your comments. I am sure your Texas sons will come to enjoy the 4 seasons they never had when in Texas.
    I'm sorry my note was "non-reply-able" ... Since becoming a full-time mom 11 years ago, I'm not as computer savy as I used to be.

    I pray all is well with your growing family.



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