Sunday, November 11, 2012

Curiosity Got the Cat

Not long after dinner today, I was working in my office.  OG was upstairs practicing guitar in her bedroom.  EJ was supposed to be in the basement den playing with his farm set & Lego's.  Suddenly, I hear a muffled cry, "HELP! HELP!".  It's EJ's voice.  I hurry to the kitchen threshold and call out, "Where are you?"  As OG comes running down the stairs, EJ hollers, "Downstairs!"  I rush down the basement stairs and find that EJ decided to TEST his coon/fox trap.  Well, it works!

As funny as we all thought this was at the moment, I am thankful we weren't outside working, or worse, he wasn't outside in our current 12 degree, 6" deep snow testing his trap where we couldn't have heard his cries.


  1. Oh EJ, what where you thinkin'? Silly boy! This is just one of the reasons I love you so. You keep us laughin'!!

    That is definitely a "poise pad" moment!

    Got to love him!

    -Mrs. A

  2. Dear Mrs. B,

    I came across your blog while doing a Google search for how to send a pie in the mail; thank you for posting the detailed instructions! :)

    While visiting your blog, I read your postings about Biblical Submission, and they really touched my heart.

    I am a young (well, 36 - does that count as young? ;)single Christian woman, and the topic has been very much on my mind lately. I cannot help but think it was a strange coincidence that I was doing a search about mailing pies and just happened to find one by a Christian woman who just happened to have blog postings about the topic so close to my heart.

    I am posting in this more recent, though unrelated post of yours, as I was afraid maybe you wouldn't see a comment for a post from 2008.

    Is there any way I could email you with questions? I would appreciate it so much.

    "Ms. C."


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