Saturday, September 15, 2012

Before I Leave ...

... for a break from the blogging world, I thought I'd touch base with an update on what's been taking most of my time lately.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted about frost damaging our garden?  Well, after that post I went out to try and salvage what I could and realized that because I had not pruned the very thick foliage on my plants, only the tops and outside leaves were damaged.  I was so excited to discover that the vegetables and lower leaves were fine!  I pruned all the damaged leaves.

frost bit tops & outer leaves of tomato plants

tomato plants after pruning frost damaged leaves
That's why I'll be away from blogging for a short time.  It is now time to harvest and preserve the bounty God blessed our family with this growing season.  When canning is over I'll be back with an update on the total amount of food we've been blessed with.

God Speed & See you later!


  1. Great news about your plants..bad news for us that you will be away.I for one will be looking out for your next blog.

  2. Isn't strange how the outside looks one way and the inside is completely different?

    I am so glad to here that God had your back on this ad well!

    Mrs. A


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