Friday, January 27, 2012

"They are grown men ..."

Each time our "big" boys come home to visit Mr. B gets a little sideways with me.  Why?  Because he says I continually treat them as if they are still boys. 
To be truthful, I have had a difficult time "cutting the apron strings".  O.K. I admit, I keep trying to re-tie them. But it is really, really hard to let the big boys be grown-ups when the following takes place:

:: AB, who is now 27, arrives home with strep throat & insists that he thinks it will clear up on it's own in a couple days.  I loaded him in the truck the next morning and took him to the clinic.  Two doses of antibiotics and he was feeling almost well.

:: I go upstairs and peek into the boys' room.  It literally looks like a tornado touched down in there.  AB (27), JP (21) and EJ (10) are "hanging out", aka wrestling.  Not only do I need to tell them to settle down but also remind them that I am not a maid.  I instruct them to make their beds and clean up.  A few moments later while in the kitchen and I hear JP say, "Hey, if you guys don't start helping me clean, I'm going to tell mom."

Yeah, they're grown men alright.


  1. And they will NEVER be to big to put over your knee when necessary!!!

    Love it!
    Mrs. A

  2. my daughter told me boys never grow up...they just get bigger!

  3. I was reading your response to Mom of 8 and thought I would pay you a visit. I am Odie Langley, 64 in NC and my blog is The Simple Life. I have 3 grown daughters that I don't see enough because they are spread out so far geographically. I laughed at the sentence about telling mom. In a way they never grow up. I'd like to read more and will be following along. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  4. Oh I forgot to say that I also love instrumental music and your's is very pretty.


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