Friday, September 16, 2011

You want me to pack this entire house by when?

The littles and I arrived back to our temporary housing yesterday afternoon.  I've finally finished the painting and the carpets have been professionally cleaned.  The heating/AC guy has come out and taken measurements for the gas line installation on my new range.  Unfortunately, I was not successful in finding a professional moving company to pack and move our belongings.  I had to break the news to Mr.B yesterday evening.

Well, Mr.B came home early today.  Real early.  11:00am early.  He hastily informed me that I needed to grab my purse and the littles because he needed me to go with him to pick up a U-Haul truck from a town more than 100 miles away (that's the closest one he could find, nothing local was available - no surprise there).  We arrived back "home" around 4:30.  He told me that a couple guys he works with are going to help us move.  I inquired as to when this was supposed to happen (expecting Sunday afternoon or Monday morning).  He told me they'd be here at 8:00am TOMORROW morning!

I responded with, "You mean I have less than 14 hours to pack this entire house?" 

Mr.B replies, "It will be O.K. I don't think it will take you more than a couple hours.  How about I run up to the store and pick up a few steaks to throw on the grill?"

Me:  "Are you kidding?  It took 4 professional packers 6 hours to pack our house when we left Texas.  I really don't think we have time to cook anything.  I think you should call the pizza guy."

Mr.B:  "Well, O.K. if that's what you want to do."

Me"  "Well, I'm not hungry and I've a house to pack - I don't have time to eat much less cook or clean up after anyone else who has cooked."

Mr.B:  "I was trying to help you out."

Me:  no response, as I hurriedly entered the house and immediately began organizing my tape, scissors, box marker and ...

As of right now, midnight, OG and I have packed every room except the kitchen.  I plan to take a 5 hour nap and pack it 1st thing tomorrow morning.  I hope Mr.B has made plans to pick up McDonald's or bakery muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning, because I still don't have time to eat OR feed anyone else.


  1. Thinking of you, but won't hold you up. I know you have heaps to finish so will look forward to your next post from the new home. Praying the weather is good for your move.

    Blessings Gail

  2. Oh, I remember our last move. We were in town and J got a call from a friend that he could come and help us move so he told me when we got home we would start moving and be staying in the new house that night. I hadn't packed ANYTHING! I was expecting to start packing and moving slowly during the next week. I had even told him to let me know when I needed to start packing so I could be ready. Well, as frustrating as it seems at the time, it all seems to work out!! Praying the moving goes well and that soon you will be able to have some peaceful and restful days in your new home!!

  3. I can actually hear and see that conversation in my head. I did laugh a little, but it was with sympathy. Glad OG is there with you. Hope things settle soon. Love ya, Mrs. P


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