Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Mr. Business Owner,

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The fall of 2008 marked my husband's and my first visit to your town.  Our mission:  deciding if we wanted to move our family to the area.  Although my husband had been offered a promotion that would require a relocation to the area, employment / job security was NOT a deciding factor for us.  The promotion was an offer, not a requirement to retain employment.

Our primary decision to relocate was based upon a very long held desire to move to a small, rural community.  We viewed the employment promotion and relocation as an opportunity to achieve this goal.  We relocated to this area with plans to raise our family and retire in the area.

We understand and realize that since our 1st visit to the area almost 3 years ago, this town's population has doubled.  The rapid population influx due to job availability has afforded you and the local townspeople experiencing several areas of "growing pains" such as rapid increases in traffic, business transactions, housing availability issues, over crowding in the schools, etc. 

For many years, my family has gone out of our way to patronize locally owned small businesses.  We believe in an entrepreneur spirit and fully support it when possible.  We diligently avoid the "Wal-Mart's" of our society.  However, the high work ethic and personal service we've become accustom to experiencing with small, locally owned businesses does not exist with you.  Although, I have done my best to exercise patience while you, Mr. Business Owner, adjust to the rapid population growth of this community, I am exasperated.  Your employees are rude, have VERY poor work ethics and have made it very clear that you are not interested in increased profits that my family's hard earned income will bring you. 

Where I come from, small, local entrepreneurs welcome increased profits.  Where I come from, business owners have a driving desire to grow their businesses.  At the very least I am shocked that you and your employees have welcomed us with a message of, "We don't want you here, AND we will do everything we can to make sure you leave as soon as possible."  Essentially, through your employees and business practices you have sent a very clear message that you personally have a poor work ethic and are not interested in increased profit margins. 

I have never been in a satiation where I have felt as if I am almost begging a business to accept my money.   Well, I want you to know that, I am not the sort of person who will beg you to take my money.  You need to remember your town's history.  This population growth is temporary and will depart, just as it did 25 years ago causing a high number of business closures.  You may rest assured that you will not have an opportunity to re-earn my business if or when that exodus occurs. 

When that exodus does occur, I will continue to drive to neighboring towns and cities  and shop via the internet where my business is desired and appreciated.  I will also continue to politely and causally inform the other residents of this area of my non-local resources and encourage them to utilize those resources.  I have found that even with shipping / freight charges, my internet purchases are often a higher quality and less expensive than your offerings.  But please note, that even when it costs more, I still refuse to do business with you.  Best of all, when traveling to distant cities and towns or shopping via the internet, I am not forced to politely accept poor service from you or your employees.

Thank you for your time.


Please Note:  This letter is not being sent to every business in our new area.  However, it will be sent to several select businesses that have consistently provided poor and or rude service.  Such as the town's only dry cleaning business whose employee told another employee, in  a hushed tone thinking I wouldn't overhear, not to assist me to my vehicle with large bulky items because, "she's not from here". 


  1. Oh, that is just disgusting. I think your letter is very appropriate.

    I hope the rest of your moving process is going well!

    Shelly :)


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