Monday, August 15, 2011

Asking & Believing

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 First, I want to thank everyone who has been praying for the purchase of our new home.  I am confident your prayers are what is moving this process along AND helping me keep my cool.  I've never in my life heard of, or known anyone, who had so many delays in the purchase of a new home.  Our situation has certainly turned out to be unique.  Remember, our home in Texas, once we finally got it on the market and accepted a fair offer, it took only 6 weeks from the signing of the buy/sell contract to the closing.  That sell went so smooth, I guess I became a little spoiled.  Regarding the new home we are purchasing, it has been 3 months since we signed the buy/sell contract.

"Gary" the appraiser FINALLY submitted the appraisal report at approximately 8:45am this morning.  Our loan officer immediately sent it to the underwriting department marked EXTREMELY URGENT.   She has also talked with the person handling our contracts and that person has agreed to make ours a top priority.  So, we are now waiting, yet again, this time for an approval from underwriting.  An approval this afternoon would be optimal, but realistically tomorrow afternoon is most likely.

Everyone is really under a time crunch with this deal.  We are currently operating within the automatic 15 day extension period on the buy/sell contract.  The seller is so frustrated that, at this moment, she is unwilling to agree to any additional contract extensions for the closing.  Our deadline for closing on this property is 5:00pm, Monday, August 22, 2011.  We, our realtor, the seller's realtor and our loan officer have done everything that can possibly be done in advance to get this sell to closing before the contract deadline.

So, I find myself asking you dear readers for additional prayers.  Our prayer is that everyone involved, from this moment forward, understands the urgency of this transaction and works diligently to complete and submit their portions of this transaction so that we close on our new home BEFORE the deadline.

I look forward to reporting, with a shout of praise, that our Lord moved the mountain!  This time next week, I look forward to sharing the good news with you - that our family is packing up and moving to our new home.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.


  1. Surely this was last delay!! Hoping to see a packing up post soon! :)

  2. Dear Mrs B and family,

    This morning I listened to a teaching on Grace and Faith and this was timely so,

    Father God, again we thank You that by Your Grace and by our faith we are able to believe the folk involved in this situation will complete all necessary paperwork by close of business next Friday.May the lady selling the house be patient and calm knowing that these are the right buyers. We praise You for answered prayer and we are constantly amazed at Your goodness. We ask for peace for this lovely family during this week of waiting. Again we thank You so much.
    In the name of Your Dear Son Jesus. Amen

    Have a restful week Mrs B because you're going to busy organising your move next week. Praise the Lord!!!!

    Blessings Gail

  3. Lovely solid words from Gail ,will use them also for prayer xx

  4. Dear Ladies,

    Thanks you so much for your continued words of encouragment and prayers.


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