Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Insptections: 2 Down, 1 to go ...

I found a cute house inspection clip art, but blogger is not loading it so, on without a "photo" ...

Yesterday was inspection #2 on our new home, the house inspection.  The inspector found only 2 issues that the homeowner will need to address.  While there, the homeowner phoned my realtor to ask what time they could return home.  While on the phone, they happened to also inquire about how the inspection was going and my realtor told them about the 2 issues.  The homeowner immediately agreed to address them.

HooRay!!!  We are clicking along in the process.  The water well inspection should take place within the next couple weeks and the appraisal is also scheduled.  However, the appraisal will not take place until next month.

While at the house, the littles and I had an opportunity to choose bedrooms.  These decisions were, of course, guided by me and based on the best fit for our furniture.  I can honestly say I am so very excited and eager for things to move forward quickly.  The coming weeks will certainly be a test of my patience.

Which house did we select? hint:  There are quite a few trees on the property.


  1. Now this sounds exciting but I seem to have missed a blog somehow and could not find an older post section to read,so I look very forward to seeing your new home when the pic is posted,it will happen in Gods time sometimes he just keeps us on hold a little longer than we would like lol have a lovely little wait.

  2. Oh, now I know what you mean about patience. Waiting is hard but enjoy the dreaming ,as you mentally place each bit of furniture in your new home. So looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    Blessings Gail

  3. Hey there! I know you all must still
    be on an adventure! Sometimes I envy you & wish we could just pick up and leave; but can't happen...we too old & too poor! ;)
    I just KNOW the country house is THE ONE!!!
    Sorry for the length of time it's taking; guess there a calmer life up there!!
    Take care & God bless & I miss ya'll! Anna

  4. Hello Mrs. Anna!!

    It is so awsome to log in and see a comment from you!

    I miss you all too ...

  5. patience is def. not one of my strong points.. I hope things worked out :)


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