Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Funny Boy ...

Yeah, I know my last post suggested I wouldn't blog anything until after the New Year, but this is funny and I wanted to share a good laugh with you all.
Picture this ... It's the afternoon of December 24th. Mr. B has agreed to take EJ to the Dollar General to finish up his Christmas shopping. EJ has a $10 budget and wants to buy for his 3 older brothers and grandpa. (Note: Mr.B, decided to "help" EJ out with a little extra cash & he'd asked me to pick up popcorn seasoning for BT, who enjoys a big bowl of popcorn while watching movies).
Mr.B and EJ enter the store and EJ immediately begins walking back to the household cleaners section. He stops near the Swiffer Dusters.
Mr.B: "What are we doing back here, Toot?"
EJ: "Well, I was gonna get Grandpa a swiffer for all that stuff he has in his cabin, but it's $13 dollars."
EJ takes off and heads down the stationary isle.
EJ: "Here, I'll get him these pens. He's old and old people like to write." (note: Mr.B is almost near tears trying NOT to laugh out loud.) While on the stationary isle, EJ also picks up a word search book for his brother JP.
EJ then cruises over to the personal care isle.
Mr.B: "Alright, Toot, what are you buying now, shampoo?"
EJ: "No, I'm gonna get AB some deodorant."
At this point, Mr.B can not hold his laughter in any longer and through a very hearty laugh he suggests that they leave the Dollar General and make a quick stop by the hardware store for AB's gift.

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  1. Ha ha! That is great! I love taking my kids to the dollar store and seeing what they pick out. They really THINK about it and it is great what they come up with! Merry Christmas! :)


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