Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Wages of Sin is Death

Even after numerous warnings, James continued to "attack" and spur, even drawing blood on several occasions, Mr. B, all our children, several friends and our neighbors. As time passed James became more and more aggressive. Leading me to suggest that Mr. B needed to "pass judgement" upon him. Yesterday evening, James attempted to "attack" me when I entered the coop at feeding time. Consequently, I took it upon myself to "pass judgment".

Since Mr. B was not home, Dad was gracious enough to clean James up and get him ready for the crock pot.
I added a few seasonings, some onion, carrot and celery, and a good amount of water. Set the temperature to high and before bed turned it down to low.

This morning, James had yielded 5 c. deboned chicken and 2 qt. broth.

I was concerned that the girls had been traumatized by witnessing the public execution of James. However, judging from today's egg production, they are in agreement with the sentencing.


  1. How funny! We had a banny rooster that we did that to because he was just SO mean.

  2. Only you can make something soooo GROSS...soooo funny!

    By the way---warning to anyone who may cross Mrs. B....BEWARE! She is deadly with a shovel! (or a cast iron fryin' pan).

    Love you!
    Mrs. A

  3. And since when did you start naming your farm animals? James????

  4. Yeah, Mrs.A,

    the kids named the roosters, Splinters is still strutting around, and one of the hens, LuLu.


  5. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! That'll teach him!

  6. Hi Civilla,

    It is good to see you around ... don't be a stranger.

  7. I don't mind if you post that recipe using lime. You don't have to link to my blog.


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