Saturday, November 15, 2008

Drum Roll, Please ....

Twelve (12) years ago I bought a very old "fixer upper" home. The kitchen was in terrible shape - (but usable, if I could bake pizza in a homemade cardboard box and foil oven on camping trips, I could find a way to make that kitchen work until I could get it remodeled). Well, twelve years and a long time saving, it has finally been remodeled. Mr. P and Mr. S did a fantastic job. I am very pleased and will certainly give them good references. (Note: my photos posted backwards, for some reason. The after shots are 1st and 3rd and the before shots are 2nd and 4th.)




  1. OH how very nice. I have lived in fixer upers before and know what it is like. It looks so beautiful.

    Have a great day
    In HIS Keeping,

  2. WOW Mrs.B that really looks nice. I have to ask, what was your 1st meal???


  3. Hi Jamie & (the other) Mrs. B,

    Thank you, I am looking forward to preparing many meals in there. We had our first meal today. Since it was our Sabbath and the weather has finally began to cool off, we enjoyed homemade chicken noodle soup and quick bread.

    Mrs. B

  4. Oh my word!!!! I L-O-V-E IT!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I know you are loving it already. Wow! I am just so excited and thrilled for you. I bet hubby and the kiddos are so excited about it too. Oh wow, I just can't tell you how much I really like it. If it were me, I think I would find myself just standing there many times in awe of how pretty it is. *grin*

    Happy cooking!


  5. H4MH, if you only new how many times I've "caught" myself standing in the kitchen drinking in the new, you'd laugh.

    Next big remodel project - the bathroom ... but we have to wait a while on that ... you know, replentish our remodeling fund.

    mrs. b


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