Thursday, November 6, 2008

Busy As A Bee

For those of you who personally know me, you know that I am very "bummed out" with Tuesday's election results. However, I am still fervently praying that the Democrats do not get those three remaining (Alaska, Minnesota and Georgia) Senate seats because in doing so the Democrats would have a filibuster proof Senate. I do not think a filibuster proof House or Senate is good for our nation, no matter what political party one supports. (Sorry, but my emotions are so jumbled right now, I can't post anything else about it at this time).

Today, I choose to post something uplifting. Well, at least it is uplifting in my little corner of the world. During my "down time" in the evenings I've been crocheting some hat and scarf sets. Last weekend I hauled out my sewing machine and supplies and made OG and I new denim skirts and a new blouse/skirt set for myself. Here's a couple photos of the finished work my busy little hands have been doing. I hope it inspires the creative energy that lies within you.
seven hats and matching scarves
my new outfit


  1. I read the comment you made on "The Morning Ramble". I think you expressed yourself very well. You sounded intelligent without being confrontational.

    I enjoyed your thoughts, and I agree with you 100%. I too am praying for our country. I don't want to live in the Socalist Republic of America....

  2. Hi Amiee,

    Thank you so very much for visiting. I also want to thank you for the feed back regarding my comments over at "The Morning Ramble". I sincerely respect others opinons, even when they differ from my own.

    I hope you will have time to visit again soon.

    Mrs. B

  3. Good job on the hats I really like them. Your new out fit is very nice. You did a very good job on both.


  4. I was upset after the election, too, and found it hard to blog, so I didn't. I'm feeling normal again now, though.

  5. I've been making rag rugs -- I cut up old, worn out and out of style clothing (any kind) and make rag rugs out of them. Every week, somebody leaves a bag of old clothes on my door step to use for rag rugs. Some of the stuff is still good, so I use that or donate it.
    Your stuff came out real nice.

  6. Oh Civilla!

    I've always wanted to learn how to make rag rugs ... maybe someday ...


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