Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Life Interupted

Sixteen days ago, about an hour after I'd gone to bed, I received a phone call from one of my sisters-in-law notifying my that she was at the hospital with my dad.  He had suffered a stroke.  He could not talk and was not capable of maintaining his balance while standing.  Fortunately, Dad was visiting a friend's home when the stroke occurred.  They immediately recognized the stroke symptoms and were able to get him to a medical facility where treatment could be administered quickly.  Three days later, Dad walked out of the hospital fully recovered without any permanent disabilities.

Upon the news and after a short conversation with the attending physician, Mr.B and I immediately began taking action to leave and drive the 650 miles to Missoula.  We had to turn all our stock out to pasture, top off all the water troughs, overfill the dog, chicken and rabbit feeders and pack.  We left for Missoula at 12:30 AM and arrived at the hospital by 9:15 AM.  By the time we arrived Dad had made significant progress in his recovery.

Mr.B and the littles left Dad's 2 days after his release from the hospital.  I stayed an additional week to make sure Dad was confident he could be on his own again as there are a few challenges living his chosen lifestyle.  Dad lives off-grid in a log cabin located on the side of a mountain.  His off-grid lifestyle does not include solar panels or a wind generator.  He uses kerosene lamps, a wood cook stove and a gravity fed water system.  At 70 years old he does have a gasoline powered generator for various power tools and recently purchased a log spliter.  So, when at Dad's this Farm Wife becomes Pioneer Woman.

Needless to say, this interruption has put me significantly behind on my autumn chores.  While gone a frost eliminated the remaining produce I was trying to eek out of the garden.  I still have 75% of garden clean up to finish.  I still have a mountain of compost to spread in the garden.  We are currently 9 days and counting behind on breeding.  We are also behind on getting our weathers to market ... and the list goes on and on.

Upon my return home, I found a new addition on our farm ...

Our leghorn hen, I call her Henny Penny, refuses to live in the the hen house or coop.  She is constantly escaping and free-ranging.  We've yet to find her nest or clutch of eggs.  It appears that she recently returned to the coop and became fertilized.  She's hatched a little chick and it is so cute.  I enjoy watching it follow her everywhere.  We usually hatch our eggs in an incubator so, this is a treat for us.

I will be making another trip out to Dad's in a few weeks to check in on him and help out where he may need an extra hand.  In the interim two of my three brothers will have turns checking in on him.  I' m thankful the Lord answered our prayers and he has recovered.


  1. wow, praying for your dad; will he consider moving to town? it is awesome at 70 he still lives so remotely. Love your chick I incubated at times too, loved it.Hope Henny Penny has more to enjoy.

    1. Hello Mrs. Barbara,

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your prayers for my Dad. At this time, no, Dad is not interested in moving to town. He is very emotionally attached to his home and lifestyle. Aside from this recent stroke, his health is and has always been amazingly excellent. At 70 he continues to enjoy perfect blood pressure, no articular sclerosis, no arthritis, no diabetes, no heart disease ... His physicians are baffled. They told us he is physically healthier than many 35 year old's and can not figure out why he formed the blood clot that caused the stroke.
      Continuing to keep you and your family in prayer,


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