Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Will $1.39 Buy You?

Well, a chicken fried steak dinner, of course.   (Yes, one can take a southern girl out of the south, but the south can't be taken out of a southern girl).  My last POST showed you how I can save up to 40% on ground beef.  Using that same principal, I can save 56% on beef cutlets ($4.89 lb. up here), also known in the Gulf Coast region as cubed steak,  the cut of beef used to make chicken fried steak.  I, again, purchased sirloin steak at half off from the "reduced for quick sale" bin.  Instead of grinding it into ground beef, I used my meat mallet to pound it into beef cutlets - 3 minutes of work.
Our green beans were FREE -  homegrown and home canned from last summer's garden.  The chive and parsley potatoes cost $1.32 for six servings and the gravy and steak breading cost only $0.09 per person.
What sort of strategies have you implemented to reduce this week's grocery bill?

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  1. Yum! Chicken fried steak is my favorite meal,
    This week, we are enjoying leftovers from my husbands birthday dinner with just a little tweaking.


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