Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hodgepodge of Recent Happenings

The snow and ice finally took a vacation ushering in a mild spring and, so far, a mild summer up here on the northern prairie.  Since the cold weather hung around for so long, we've been trying to "catch up" thus, the past few weeks have been extremely busy.  Since we homeschool and live in a very rural setting, our mornings are usually not as rushed as city folks. But lately we find we must get up and get going, not only early, but also fast. 

I am a firm believer that a hearty breakfast is necessary for a productive day.  A quick bowl of cold cereal leaves Songbird and Farmer Boy grouchy and sluggish after less than two hours  - it isn't hearty enough to get them through a morning of manual labor.
A big bowl of strawberries with whipped cream, a couple sausage patties, toast and a glass of milk has proven to be a fast and hearty breakfast for them.  Egg & cheese sandwiches with a banana and often a bowl of oats garnished with brown sugar and chopped nuts accompanied by a slice of toast have also proven to be a fast fix and filling enough to last all morning.

All the fruit &  nut trees and bushes we ordered several months ago arrived while I was very ill with an upper repertory infection (I was so ill the doctor told me that if I didn't improve after 3 days of antibiotics, she'd have to admit me to the hospital).  As miserable as I was feeling, I somehow dragged myself outside and with Songbird and Farmer Boy's help, we got all 28 saplings planted.  Because of his out of town work schedule, Mr.B wasn't home to assist.


Farmer Boy's baseball team had a great season.  They took 1st place in their league and Farmer Boy was selected for the post-season All-Star team.   He is one of two southpaws on his team and on Sunday he hit the ball out of the park.  There are three other farm kids on his team and they are all power hitters.

During the regular season, Farmer Boy played 3rd base and is also playing 3rd for his All-Star team.  Baseball is one of the reasons our days are so busy.  The All-Star team practices 4 days per week, 3 hours each day and they play in tournaments each weekend.  Since we are in a rural area of Montana, we find ourselves traveling 100 plus miles for tournaments.  The State Championship Tournament will be held in a town more than 400 miles away from our home.

Songbird has traded  her beautiful Daughter of the King formal gown in for her daily farm hand attire.  During the school year she was babysitting for two families.  However, one family has decided to temporarily employ extended family home from college during the summer months.  Songbird was disappointed to loose this client, but God has opened another employment opportunity door.  She has been hired as a swathing operator during haying season.  Her employer is super cooperative regarding her commitments to her remaining babysitting client and Bible study schedule.  Songbird's work days are long and by season's end she will have cut more than 2,000 acres of hay. 
As busy as baseball and homestead chores keep him, Farmer Boy has also been earning more of his own money.  He has mowed a couple lawns in town and with local advertising, he sold more than 10 dozen eggs this week.  When our older boys were home, they too worked through their Jr. High and High School years.  We believe it instilled a strong work ethic, helped them learn the value of a dollar earned, developed a since of responsibility and added to their self worth.  Once all the big boys left home (before aged 20), they were, and have remained, financially independent.  Mr.B and I are confident that learning to work at a young age has contributed to their financial independence.
Prior to planting the garden, Mr.B commented that he didn't think we grew enough potatoes and corn last year.  So, the garden was, once again, expanded.  I overheard Songbird recently telling someone, "She's gardened for the past 13 years and every single year she increases it's size.  It's now so large you could build two large houses on it!"  Well, what did she think was going to happen ... more potatoes and corn need more growing space.  Speaking of gardening, our afternoon rain shower has passed - the garden and orchard are calling out to me.

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  1. Nice to see what has been keeping you busy. I smiled when I read your remark about expanding the garden each year. Hubby and I have been talking about whether we want to expand ours next year or not. I think we'll concentrate on building raised beds to save our backs as we get older. :-)


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