Monday, December 23, 2013

Making a List & Checking it Twice: Update #4 Ready for Christmas!!

Christmas Gifts Purchased:

Out of Town Gifts Wrapped & Mailed:

Christmas Décor:
     TODAY (If I didn't have children in the house and since no other family will be home for Christmas this year, I'd skip the décor - Last year I was Home Alone during Christmas & I skipped the décor.  Does that make me a scrooge?)
      CHECK (I might add red velveteen bows to the porch and deck railings tomorrow ...)

The children have been pestering me trying to talk me into purchasing a new Christmas tree
for years.  We found this little "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree at an after
Christmas sale for $5 fourteen years ago.  I am too cheap frugal to even consider a new tree.

Many of our Christmas décor items have been homemade gifts from one of
Mr.B's aunts.  She is so very talented and is a blessing and inspiration.
 Thirty years ago, I made paper bag stocking patterns and as family members have
been added, I sew each a stocking specific to their personality.  Since our grown boys and
extended family will not be joining us this Christmas, I've only hung 4 stockings on the mantle this year.

15 Homemade Gifts:
      13 completed, 2 left

Christmas Cards Addressed & Mailed:

Local Christmas Gifts Wrapped:

The  packing paper from mail ordered supplies is saved and re-cycled into wrapping paper.
Ribbon, bows, string are also re-cycled or purchased from re-sale shops.
Our annual gift wrap budget is less than $10.

Christmas Dinner Planned:
A Work in progress:
               Pastry Wrapped Brie
               Honey Glazed Ham
               Macaroni & Cheese
               Buttered Broccoli
               Southern Green Beans
               Chocolate Pie
               Pecan Pie
              Iced Tea
              Warm Apple Cider

     YES!! - so far, $106.00 under budget

There is progress, but I've still a long way to go.
Just need to finalize Christmas dinner plans and we'll be ready for Christmas!
HooRay!  We are ready for Christmas !!!


  1. Your recycled gift wrap is very pretty and classy looking

  2. I have a question about the wrapping paper? Do you buy the packaging paper to ship packages or does someone send packages to you and you save it?

    The packages look beautiful!

  3. Hi Georgene,

    The packing paper I use is free as it comes from mail order items that have been delivered to us. Since we live more than 65 miles from the nearest large grocer, Wal-Mart or other shopping, we often have supplies shipped in. Shipping is usually less expensive than fuel and time to dive to certain destinations.

    I straighten out the packing paper fold it and store it in my gift wrap drawer until I need to wrap a gift. I use my packing paper gift wrap for all gift occasions. I embellish the wrap with ribbons, bows, etc. for specified occasions. For example baby shower gifts would be tied up with pastel ribbon(s), weddings most often have white, birthdays are always fun with bright primary colors and Christmas generally receives red or green.
    As mentioned in the photo caption, I most often purchase the embellishments from the resale shop during our quarterly trips to town. I find most of it in the fabric and notion section. Our resale shop also has a greeting card section where we can purchase new greeting cards (usually the leftovers from boxed sets) for 5 cents each.

    By the way, just for fun, our family refers to the resale shop as the "Five and Dime".

    Wishing you a Very Blessed Christmas,

  4. Hi Rhonda,

    Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the lovely comment.

    Merry Christmas,

  5. Merry CHRISTmas Mrs. B ~
    Here's hoping your day was filled with love and blessings.


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