Thursday, May 30, 2013

Can You Belive It?

After the computer hacker / downloaded fishing program fiasco, we discovered that our old desk top, that came with pre-loaded programs, was too old and not compatible for any recent programs.  So, OG's telephone mistake has cost me quite a bit of stress, valuable time - its also cost us the expense of a new computer and printer, as our 2 yr. old printer's technology is obsolete and not compatible with the new computer.  In my world this communication era & its technology is nothing but a  HUGE money pit.  One can not imagine how often I wish for the days of  land line telephones and snail mail - it certainly was cheaper.
Can you believe that as I sat down at my computer, my telephone rang and it was another one of those computer hacking/fishing calls?  The same kind OG received!  He said he was from Microsoft and they'd been receiving numerous error messages from my computer.  I thought, "Oh really?"  Upon the moment that I hung up on the caller, I was really, really wishing for the old fashioned land-line telephone - only so I could SLAM the receiver down on this crooks ear.

There are many things I'd like to post and share (if OG's ever finds her camera charger, I'll post some photos too), but alas it is planting season.  It seems to be taking us forever to get all our planting in.  Hopefully, we'll be done soon and I'll be back to share it all with you.


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  1. Praise The Lord!! You are back! This makes me very, very happy, happy, happy!!!

    Love you!
    Mrs. A


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