Thursday, February 7, 2013

"The Most Terrifying Words ...

... in the English language are:  I'm from government and I'm here to help." -Ronald Reagan

Early this morning, whilst I was the only one creeping about in our home, I made the mistake of turning on the news.  I wasn't shocked by what I heard, but I wonder how many Americans will be.  The story left me more discouraged for our nation, more discouraged by not understanding why so many people in our nation seem to lack the ability or desire to sincerely think about consequences.

The specific story that enhanced my discouragement was about the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.  Back in 2007 & 2008, I ran around beating my "anti Obama drum".  It was most often met with "eye rolling".  After the Affordable Care Act was passed through a back door appropriations bill as "not a tax", then upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court as a "legal tax", I again beat my anti Obama drum, this time warning of astronomical healthcare cost increases resulting in serious, or catastrophic  lifestyle changes for many middle class Americans, & I was, again, often met with "eye rolling".

When the healthcare debate began I patiently listened to person after person say, "Well, I don't mind paying a little more to help those who can't afford it."  I would respond with, "Then you should give your extra money directly to struggling person or family.  If the federal government is allocating it, I guarantee it will be a whole lot more than a little bit."

This morning's news story stated that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has revealed that the healthcare insurance cost "caps" contained in the Affordable Care Act applies only to individual coverage.  These caps DO NOT apply to spouses and/or children as in family coverage.  The CBO estimates any family that does not qualify for government healthcare subsidies will pay as much as $15,700.00 per year for family health insurance coverage.  They also said that young healthy individuals will see their health care insurance increase by as much as 190% ($2,500 annually would increase to $7,250).  The news story did not reveal the income levels / requirement to qualify for government subsidies.  From my point of view, government subsidy is the same as well fare assistance.

Some folks may say they don't worry about that expense or having to qualify for "well fare" because they are employed by a large corporation that provides health insurance benefits for them and their family.  However, the CBO also estimates that in 2014, more than 7 million employees will loose employer provided health insurance benefits due eliminated employer benefits.  IF you happen to work for a company that continues to provide employee health insurance, Do the math - $15,700 to insure your family (if you aren't paying it, then someone else or your company is)  means that most will not see a pay raise for many years / many will see salary reductions; you and some of your co-workers could / will be laid off due to "downsizing"; if you are fortunate enough to keep your job, your hours and work load will significantly increase; AND the Affordable Care Act also requires, beginning 2014, you to pay income tax on that $15,700 benefit (currently employees do not pay income tax on employer provided benefits.).

Obama said, "If you choose, you can keep your current health care, you can keep your doctor".  Obama told us the Affordable Care Act would make health insurance affordable for EVERY family and individual in America.  The government was extending a helping hand to all.

I have said and continue to say, "Yeah, you can keep anything you want as long as you have the money to pay for it".

Will you get to keep your current healthcare?  Will you get to keep your current doctor?  Will you be able to maintain your current lifestyle?

Ronald Reagan - "The most terrifying words in the English language are:  I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."


  1. Goodmorning,
    In our country we have had this for many years.We have become used to what is called Medicare over here but that does not mean it is free for all medical things,we all have a medicare card.We have just had to join a private health fund so that I can afford to have the operation I need but as it is pre- exsisting I still have to wait 1 year.So now our family not only has about 30,000 a year Medicare removed in a form of tax each year we have the expense of private fund.When the finances of the gov is struggling the first to have funds removed is Health and Education,problem is here whatever party gets in they all do the same so even if the opposition got in this system would stay,perhaps it would be the same for you.Whoever is leader I would hate their job,it is hard enough to balance the family budget lol.

  2. Hello Carole,

    I realize that $15,700 per year for medical insurance is significantly less than what your family pays in Australia. However, one must realize that the current average rates for American families is $6,000 per year & $2,500 for single individuals on the private market.
    Most middle class Americans receive medical insurance benefits at discounted rates for their families through their employers.

    The Affordable Care Act was "marketed" as a means to provide affordable insurance to those individuals and families who do not receive benefits through an employer, earn too much to qualify for government Medicaid (well fare), and do not earn enough to budget in the cost of purchasing through the private market.

    Less than 20% of American citizens are currently uninsured. For more than 1/2 my children's lives our family earned too much for government well fare but barely enough to provide food, shelter & clothing (I used a bicycle for transportation),thus not having enough money to purchase insurance through the private market. I know, first hand, how difficult access to quality healthcare can be for the uninsured in our nation. But I am also a realist, and the sort who believes in self sufficiency. My moral and religious beliefs are in GREAT conflict with government well fare for anyone who is able bodied and capable of earning their own way.

    Through the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, federal law now requires that ALL American citizens must purchase health insurance, regardless of one's financial means. This means that folks with moral and religious objections to government well fare will be forced by law to compromise their belief system and accept government subsidies, aka well fare, to pay for said health insurance. This also means that hard working middle class Americans are facing 175%, or more, increase in insurance costs to pay for government those subsidies.

    One may also note that the CBO is notorious for underestimating actual costs by 20-30%.



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