Thursday, April 19, 2012

Recent Happenings ...

After recovering from the flu, life around the B house has been ... um, ... anything but routine.  We unfortunately continue to be be plagued with automobile trouble.  Last Friday, the children and I sat in a dealership waiting room for 3 hours while our vehicle was once again repaired for the SAME EXACT problem we experienced on our trip to Great Falls.  Yesterday, as we drove home from OG's music lesson the EXACT SAME issues began with our vehicle again.  OH! how I miss my Texas mechanic!   ... And it gets worse ...Can you believe that after "limping" home in our troubled vehicle I heard a hissing as I got out to open the garage door?  Can you imagine my frustration as I leaned down to see a small piece of metal sticking out of my tire?  By the way, my tires are NEW - they have less than 3,000 miles on them.

 Here's what my tire currently looks like ... AAA is on the way change it for me & I have scheduled another appointment for repairs to the engine.

On a brighter note, we once again have chickens!  Here they are, 7 weeks old.  They are currently housed in a temporary shelter as our "plan A" for chicken housing did not work out.  Grandpa and I will be spending the next few weekends building a new hen house and coop.

Here's a photo of EJ with one of our new young chickens.  Since he and OG used to complain about caring for the chickens we had in Texas, I have been pleasantly surprised at how happy and excited he is to have another flock.  Can you believe he's been feeding and watering them each morning and evening without being reminded?

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  1. I do hope the garage does not keep charging you for a job not done!I am always dreading the thought of a flat tyre when I am way up in the bush,I have had one and a farmer came along and helped me as the back of the truck was full of parcels...the chickens are lovely.


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