Friday, March 9, 2012

Water in the Basement

Our move to the rolling prairie has introduced us to scenarios we've never before encountered.  For instance, water in one's basement.  The water table in S.E.Texas is so high that one would never fathom building a home with a basement - simply put it would contain at lest 6 feet of water year round.

When we purchased our home we knew that the basement had taken on about 8" of water last spring.  This area received 5x's the average annual snowfall and rain last year.  As a matter of fact this region was so wet that over 2 million acres of farm land were not planted.  (Coupled with the droughts in this south we can be assured that high fuel prices aren't the only factor in driving up the costs of food.)  Anyway, after everything dried up and the basement was cleaned out, the seller installed a sump-pump.  We were hoping that would remedy any future water issues in the basement, however, we were also aware that one of Mr. B's co-workers has FIVE sump-pumps in his basement.  Thus, the possibility of needing to install one or more additional sump pumps in our own basement was something we knew we might have to do.

Well, sure enough, one sump pump will not be enough.  Fortunately our winter has been, not only unusually warm, but also, unusually dry.  Our property sits down in a small valley, thus we receive run-off from the surrounding properties.  Although our location is a prime contributor to the water in our basement, we know that for long-term sustainability the creek and pond that are on our property as a result of the run-off will provide a needed water source for livestock and wildlife during dry periods and droughts.

Fortunately, our water issue is not serious.  Our basement is unfinished - only concrete flooring and walls.  We are able to remove the water 2-3 times per day with a wet/dry shop vac.  This scenario has also allowed us to determine exactly where we should install two additional sump pumps to avert future water issues. Once the ground drys up, Mr. B, EJ and Grandpa have a nice weekend project planned for the basement.  Ensuring they don't "forget" or get distracted by another project they find more fun or interesting, I have added the sump pump project to their "nag" list.

P.S.  A "nag" list is an actual list of "honey-do's" that includes a written deadline.  I've learned through trial and error that simply asking or telling my guys to do a project is pointless unless I give them a written deadline.

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