Monday, March 7, 2011

Home Tour

You know, I got to thinking the other day (yes, I know, that is sometimes dangerous, but I did it anyway) that it's been over a year since we finished our remodeling. I had promised to post photos of the completed work, but forgot to do it (imagine that).

So, if you'll grab a cup of coffee, hot tea or cocoa, I'll happily give you a quick tour.

Front of house and yard last spring before the foilage filled in.
Our cozy living room. I've since hung a nice A.T.Cox print over the sofa.

The dining room. This is also where our home schooling takes place.

My kitchen where I've prepared thousands of meals.
(tour is continued in next post - Blogger doesn't let me post more than 5 photos per post)


  1. Thank you for the tour of your home, I have enjoyed my visit.

    I love the way your home is so neat and simply lovely.


  2. Hi Tania,

    Thank you for the lovely comment.


  3. You are amazing! How do you always keep your home so neat, tidy and clean with your little ones? It seems like I have to resort to blackmailing, grounding or turn into some kind of raving, screaming/crying lunatic to get my teens to help. I need to hang with you more so that I can learn from the master.

  4. Hi Sauntia,

    WoW! How have I kept you fooled for so long?

    "I thought that by now you surely knew that I AM a raving, screaming, crying lunitic - I know it sounds crazy but that's what seems to work in our house", she reposnded with an evil laugh ...

    Not really - EJ is the biggest challenge around here in the house keeping department (and other areas, I might add) ... OG is acutally a pretty good helper. & now that they earn money for completion of chores, it's getting even better. I am confident that before long I will do nothing but lie around all day eating bon-bons while my children happily and willingly fulfill my every wish - of course I estimate that evenutally it will become so expensive that Mr.B and I will probably retire in abject poverty.


  5. Mrs. B, your home is just lovely! (I read the other post first, hehe) Thank you for sharing it with us! Maybe I'll do that sometime....if I ever get the place looking clean enough for my tastes!lol

  6. Hi Mrs. Hester,
    Thank you for the lovely comment - I look forward to the day you have time to give us a "tour" of your home.

  7. Very nice house -- simple, clean, and a nice floor plan.

  8. Thank you! That is truly lovely, Mrs. B!! What beautiful work you've had done. :)


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