Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Around The World in 3 Days ...

A couple months ago one of my friends, Mrs.P, asked me if I'd like to attend a quilting lesson hosted by a member of her church. We would learn a "quilt as you go" strip pattern called Around the World. Since I am a very amateur quilter who LOVES all things quilting, I heartily responded "Yes".

After a trip to the fabric store, a short lesson and a delicious meal enjoyed with my dear friend, I eagerly started my first "quilt as you go" 45" Around the World. I must report, although I am an inexperienced quilter, this is the EASIEST quilt pattern I've ever encountered. I learned my quilting basics from my grandmother - way back before rotary cutters and machine quilting. Back in the day, even a simple Patchwork was, well, work - all be it satisfying work.

Now, I am guilty of being too overly excited and charging ahead of my dear friend. We had planned to embark on our quilting projects together, this being her first time. Early this week she found out the repairs on her machine would cost more than purchasing another one. I was such an eager beaver, I absolutely couldn't wait and forged ahead without her - leaving her standing dazed and confused in my dust and wondering where I had gone. Not too good of a friend, am I? I sincerely hope to redeem myself by embarking on another "quilt as you go" 45" Around the World. This time, I plan to exercise patience and wait until Mrs.P has obtained another machine. Then we will work on our projects together - that is, if she'll ever speak to me again ...


  1. I like the Around the World quilt pattern. I am a quilt lover but have not done any major quilting. I have been eying this pattern for a long time, wanting to make it into a baby quilt. I am not a patient person either when I get excited about something.

  2. I love you girl...Lucky for you, I am most generous and forgiving. I think your quilt turned out beautiful! I looking forward to spending time with you as we work on our quilts "together". :)
    BTW-I have picked out and ordered my machine.

  3. Hi Homeschool Mom,
    You are right, I am the fortunate one in our relationship.
    I too am looking forward to working together, for real, this time around.
    I can't wait to see your new machine ... a little bird told me it has quite a few bells and whistles ...

  4. Mrs. B,
    I'm afraid I must disagree and state that I am the most fortunate in our relationship. For you are a very special friend indeed! As far as the sewing machine goes, I don't know about bells and whistles, but I think I saw a cowbell and squeaker.
    Mrs. P

  5. Homeschool Mom,
    Sounds like we are on the brink of an argument over who's most fortunate in our relationship-hee, hee ...
    Cowbell and squeeker? You are so funny ... Compared to my 1955 Kingston, I'm sure your new machine is loaded with bells & whistles.
    Love you,


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