Thursday, March 4, 2010

2 days and $115 later ...

JP has a new bed ... but wait ...It's also a bed for EJ!
Yep! that's right folks. JP and EJ have brand new, never been used by anyone else, beds. Grandpa, built the twin with a trundle for only $115 worth of materials. He built the bed in only one day. Day two was dry time for the wood stain.
After some window shopping, I realized we could not have purchased beds for any less -even when looking at used furniture. The old beds, a bunk bed and a loft bed, that were in the boys room were close to 30 years old and in REALLY, REALLY bad shape. Both were so old that anytime one of the boys crawled into bed, or even turned over while sleeping, the beds would sway considerably. We called it "air surfing". Now, they have a VERY sturdy twin with a trundle. Since AB, BT and JP are adults and home only for visits (currently, JP plans to come home more often than his brothers, thus a bed for him), a twin with a trundle are all we really need.
EJ absolutely LOVES his new bed and JP is excited about sleeping on his when he comes home on leave. Thank you, Grandpa - The new beds are WONDERFUL!


  1. What a nice piece of furniture. And to have been made by Grandpa...what an heirloom!

    ~Mrs. M

  2. FABULOUS! Love them. But you know guys, they dig that addrenalin rush they get when they are AIR SURFING...

    Good job pinchin' that penny Mrs. B!

    Best part is that your dad made something better for less than what you would have purchased in a furniture store! I AM IMPRESSED!

    Love ya!
    Mrs. A

  3. Thanks Mrs. M,
    These beds are so well made they'll be around for at LEAST a centrury!
    We really appreciate all the work and craftsmanship my dad has lent us the past few months.

  4. Hey Mrs. A!

    I'm sure your son remembers a couple adrenaline rushes from those old beds too!
    I am so impressed with the quality of work my dad does - I've discovered he is a perfectionist.

  5. Looks perfect. would he be willing to share plans for constructing 1? we are sorely in need of beds around here with 7 every other weekend and 1 bunk set an air mattress and a toddler bed. we don't even have a bed we sleep on couches.

  6. Hi MamaNavyBrat,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy the visits.
    My dad left last week for his return to his log cabin up in the mountains ... he lives w/out electricity and therefore doesn't have a computer ... not that one would make any difference, he doesn't even know how to turn one on.
    What I can do is take some close up photos of the beds and post them later this coming week. Maybe that would help your crew figure out how to build some.


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