Friday, October 17, 2008

Freindly Fun: About $1 Per Person

This evening OG and EJ shared "movie night" with a couple friends. This is a fun and economical way parents can provide entertainment for their children. The entire evening cost less than $5. The children enjoyed homemade pizzas, popcorn, a beverage and a movie. Tonight's feature film was "Time Changer", a Rich Christiano Film starring D. David Morin, Gavin MacLeod, Hal Linden, Jennifer O'Neill and Paul Rodriguez.
While I prepared the mini-pizza assembly line, the children played a couple games of tag outside. I divided the pizza crust into 4 mini portions and placed the toppings, peperoni, ham, bell peppers, cheese, pizza sauce, pineapple, and onions, in serving containers.
After washing up, the children assembled their own mini pizzas. While the pizzas were baking, the children started watching the movie. They enjoyed a pizza picnic upon a blanket in the living room. As they watched the movie and ate their pizzas, I popped popcorn, the dessert. OG and EJ had such a fun time hosting their friends. I hope they can do it again soon.

The recipe for yeast-free homemade pizza is in the recipe section. The popcorn was the old fashioned pop-on-the-stove kind which much is cheaper and healthier than microwave brands, 2 # for $2.39. Only 1/3 c. un-popped corn (about $0.20 worth) will make enough popcorn to fill 6 popcorn containers, shown in the above photo. The movie was from our home movie collection.


  1. Hey I noticed you had a Jones soda on the table. How do you like that brand? I have seen the Food network spotlight them and have seen them at the store but never tried it yet. Just wondered your thoughts on it. Any favorite flavor?


  2. Berry Lemonade is the only flavor I've tried - it is good. Since JP isn't supposed to consume high frutose corn syrup, he will occasionaly purchase Jones Soda since it's made with sugar. So far he's tried the berry lemonade, cream soda and orange. He likes them very much.


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