Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weathering Out

I was planning to post Part 2 of my article "Godly Stewardship" this weekend. However, it appears that our Lord has some other plans. Hurricane Ike is scheduled to make landfall this weekend. Although we are not close enough to be affected by the storm surge, dramatic flooding, and exceedingly high winds, we do expect some wind, a significant amount of rain, and a loss of electricity (especially since it seems as if we loose electricity everytime drops of water fall from the sky).

I realize that there are many folks out there who may be very frightened of this coming storm. If so, please know that we pray for your safety and peace of mind. We can't stop the storm outside, but our Lord can stop the storm of fear that rages within.

I am actually looking forward to the silence that comes from the absent buzz that one only notices when the electricity goes out. I am looking forward to eating supper by oil lamp. I am looking forward to a marathon game of Monopoly and maybe a couple rounds of Scrabble. I am looking forward to reading aloud to the children. I am looking forward to finishing up a crochet project. I am looking forward to indoor camping!!

So, when all settles back into routine (and the electricity will once again power this computer), I'll be back with "Godly Stewardship, Part 2". See you in a few days ...


  1. TB ~ I agree with you...the calming Presence of the LORD is such a comfort during this uncertain storm. Thankfully JESUS is bigger than Ike! We are all safe and sound with our family around us.

    I am keeping your family as well as everyone in the affected areas in prayer. Thank YOU LORD for the BLOOD that covers everything!


  2. I just discovered your blog...and I am so glad that I did...what a wonderful blog! I smiled when I read how you are looking forward to losing the is amazing what we lose when we gain the electricity, isn't it? The television, computer, all the appliances, although great, have stolen so many wonderful things! I also loved your reminder of the sweet peace that Jesus can bring us during the storms!


  3. Please let me know you are ok when you have power restored and have time.


  4. Praying for you and hoping to hear something soon.

  5. We miss you sister, hope everything is okay. Praying for you all ***HUGS***

  6. Heart4myhome, God's dancing child & Mrs. Hester - thank you so much for the prayers. The Lord truly blessed us throughout the storm.

    Juri - Thank you for the compliment. I pray your future visits here will be uplifting. May the Lord Bless you Abundantly!

    Mrs. B


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