Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our Christmas in Photos

Homemade Gifts

Musician & his Bride received matching Christmas stockings

Sailor, our Middle Child, received an embroidered kitchen towel

Songbird and Farmer Boy received homemade wild rags (aka neckerchiefs)

Church Program

Farmer Boy and Songbird

Songbird performing a solo

Family Photos

 The Middle Child (aka Sailor), and our family friend, Miss N in the beautiful snow

Me and my youngest 3 babies.  Maybe next year the older ones will make it home too.

A Day Trip to Roosevelt National Park, ND

The Middle Child and me

The Middle Child and Miss N on the banks of the Little Missouri River

The Wildlife was out in Roosevelt National Park, ND

A lone coyote hunting for prairie dogs

 A small heard of does enjoying the sunshine

A few bison grazing on the dry grasslands

Our 2015 Christmas was filled with the blessing of family and friends.  We hope your Christmas was as lovely as ours.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Marking off Tasks ... Done!

Lately it seems that most of the blogs I regularly read are currently focused on organization and tackling various "to do" lists.  To all of you I say, "Thank you".  You have inspired me to tackle a few areas of my own home that have been neglected during the past few months.

In addition to my regular tasks of home schooling, preparing meals, cleaning the kitchen, laundry, caring for livestock, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing bathrooms, etc.; here's what I accomplished today.

** I wrote our annual family newsletter, with photos.  For those who know me personally, it should arrive inside your upcoming Christmas card.

** I made up our guest room and it is now ready for Christmas visitors.  I will only have to do some touch up dusting and vacuuming the day of any scheduled arrivals.

** I added hanging hardware to some artwork and hung it in the guest room.

**I also cleaned out and re-organized my scrap booking and gift wrap closet.  I am now ready and organized for Christmas gift wrapping.  

**The biggest job of all was my sewing closet.  For some reason, our children believe that all their unwanted belongings are supposed to be stuffed into my sewing closet.  It had become so full, I couldn't even open the door all the way, much less find any of my sewing or craft supplies.  I'm obviously not sewing or crafting often enough these days.  If I were, the children wouldn't have gotten away with cramming it so full.

Sewing Closet - BEFORE
Sewing Closet - AFTER
After school lessons tomorrow, the youngin's will have to clean their rooms as I returned all their unwanted items that I found in my sewing closet.  Don't worry, I've already locked the sewing closet door so they can't get back in there.